For Reviewers

The literature review should flow from general to specific. There is no strict set of rules that prescribes the numbers of references that should be presented. However, as a rule of thumbs, every claims or important statement in the paper should be supported by at least one reference. References should be reasonably recent, key references and seminal works relevant to the field of study should be included.
The referencing system used should be the Harvard system. There are several variances in styles that can be adopted. However for consistency, the following style should be applied in writing “the Quantity Surveyor” manuscript. Examples: “…… for more sustainable submission (Ogunsemi, 2019), (Oke et al., 2018)”, Ogunsemi and Oke (2019) noted that…..” Please notice that for more than two authors, only the surname of the first author appears followed by “et al.” in italic, a comma, one space and then the year of publication. In the case of more than one articles referenced, a semi colon (;) has to be added in between followed by one space, and should be arranged according to year and then alphabetical order.
Even though it is called the literature review section, the actual title of the section 2 does not have to be “Literature Review”. It can be other titles that might better represent the content of this section.